October 6, 2017

Branding for bars: London Cocktail Week special

Branding for bars: London Cocktail Week special

To celebrate another successful London Cocktail Week, we thought we’d take a look at what makes a great bar a great brand. 

Making a brand entrance

We would say that the brand experience of a bar should begin the moment you walk through the door. But actually, it begins before that with its online presence, encompassing everything from social media mentions from customers and TripAdvisor reviews, to its social media profiles, website and advertising. From the moment you do walk through the door, everything should be consistent – from the décor to the menus. As most bars know, that doesn’t have to mean slapping a logo on everything – it’s often more about creating an experience and telling a story. We help bars with

  • Websites, social media profiles and online marketing
  • Uniforms and clothing
  • Menus, flyers, posters and signage
  • Napkins, beermats, stirrers etc

Only the finest ingredients

Much like the best mixologists using only the best ingredients, bars that become successful brands know that they need to invest in design. Putting in the time and research to get the basics right – such as competitor and audience analysis, test audiences and brand guidelines to ensure consistency – will make all the difference. We’ve worked with many successful bars and hospitality venues over the years and would be happy to provide impartial advice.

Social not stirred

Great bars know that to maintain a successful brand they need to give their customers the best possible treatment and encourage them to talk about it on social media. Bars are even now being designed to be social media-friendly with lighting that flatters, encouraging even more drinkers to share their photos on social media. Selfie frames, photo booths, social media competitions, offers and discounts can all encourage inbound marketing.

All about the merch

Your brand doesn’t have to be confined to your premises. If you’ve invested in a logo that your target demographic love, why not have it printed onto promotional items or even sell merchandise to your loyal customers? There’s nothing like a cool tote bag or T-shirt to turn your customers into walking adverts for your bar. We can help with

  • Branded clothing
  • Branded bags and accessories
  • Branded Badges, patches, temporary tattoos
  • Branded glassware, hipflasks or cocktail shakers
  • If it’s possible to put a brand on it, we can probably help you with it!

Cocktail and a catch up?

Whether you run a bar, club, hotel, restaurant, catering business, café or venue – we can help you. We specialise in working with the hospitality trade and have many years expertise – from large start-up ventures, to full rebrands. We often save venues of all sizes up to 1/3 off their current design and print spend. Whatever business you’re in, we’d love to provide you with a free no-obligation quote on any print, design or online projects. Talk to us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk – and then watch us shake things up for you.

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