June 27, 2017

Office deserted? Introducing your temporary marketing team

Office deserted? Introducing your temporary marketing team

Conflicting holiday dates? Big project landed on your desk just as all your colleagues land at Palma airport? Don’t worry – we’ve got ‘silly season’ covered…

Your Marcomedia marketing team

Having the office to yourself certainly has its benefits – peace and quiet and a much quicker tea round for a start – but work doesn’t grind to a halt just because everyone is on holiday. And that is where we can help. Whether you need

  • Brochures, flyers or leaflets
  • Signage and promotional items or clothing for events
  • Design for reports, presentations, digital marketing or advertising
  • Websites or landing pages
  • Summer newsletters and emailers
  • Or pretty much anything that comes under the bracket of design and print

We can work flexibly alongside your marketing team or you can outsource entire projects to us.

Tried and trusted

We’ve worked hard over many years to earn a reputation that we are proud of when it comes to

  • Reliability and great turnaround times
  • Competitive prices and practical advice
  • High quality work
  • A friendly, creative team that are approachable and easy to work with

You’re all going on a summer holiday

We have expertise in many sectors – which is great as everyone needs a holiday. When it comes to commercial businesses – we can’t think of a sector we haven’t provided high quality design, print or online marketing for. Equally, we have many years’ experience of working with the public sector – particularly local government, the education sector, the housing sector and the health sector. As such, we are fully compliant and approved suppliers on many public sector procurement lists. We’ve even helped other design and print agencies (but couldn’t tell you which ones as they trust us and we value our relationships with them).

The marketing department you never knew you had

You may be a smaller organisation with no official marketing function who just needs a little extra help with ad-hoc projects, or you may have an entire marketing department that needs support on a short-term or ongoing basis. We’ll happily meet with you to discuss your requirements this summer (and all year round).

If you’d like to see some sector-specific samples of our work just let us know, or check out our portfolio. Then call your friendly Marcomedia marketing team on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk

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