June 30, 2021

100 years of (y)our Royal Docks!

100 years of (y)our Royal Docks!

Even though we haven’t been here as much as we would have liked lately due to lockdown, we feel so proud of our Royal Docks neighbourhood. Every day we are inspired by its proud past and exciting future – and we see signs of both every time we step outside. From the iconic Tate & Lyle Sugar Refinery, to the people drinking cocktails on the deck of the Good Hotel to those grabbing their take-away beers from Husk Brewing, to every other independent business that shares our Expressway home: everyone has a story to tell here. And many of those stories involve diversity, entrepreneurialism, pioneering spirit, innovation and creativity – just like the story of the Royal Docks themselves. So, to mark the 100th anniversary of our vibrant neighbourhood, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about its story and ours in the hope that businesses like ours might follow suit…


When all this was just fields…

.. Or marshland to be more precise. Before the Royal Docks were built, London simply didn’t stretch this far East. There was nothing here. But with a crew of up to 3000 working round the clock, the Royal Docks were completed in an engineering first.

Marcomedia did not begin in Marshland, nor have we been going for 100 years. But, like many of the independent businesses here, we started from nothing, initially working from our founder’s Newham home. And while we are a little way off a crew of 3000, we have expanded to our Expressway studio and an awesome team over the last ten years and there has been plenty of working round the clock along the way.


A global gateway and a diverse community

The Royal Docks became the global gateway to London. In its heyday it was responsible for feeding and fueling the UK with produce that came in. In addition it was the key point of arrival for hundreds of passenger ships, contributing to the diversity of its growing community of businesses and residents.

Newham remains one of London’s youngest and most diverse boroughs and we are proud to work with local business owners from all over the world every day. We are also proud of the diversity of our team which bucks the trends in a sector where teams are predominantly white and male. And while we aren’t the key to feeding and fueling Britain, this does seem like the perfect opportunity to give thanks to all the amazing food and drink sellers in the Royal Docks who certainly do a wonderful job of feeding and fueling us every day!


An exciting future!

Not sure if we mentioned this already by THE Mayor of London will be joining us in the Royal Docks this year. And to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Docks, Your Royal Docks are launching their Cultural Strategy which will position our neighbourhood as the ‘Cultural engine for London’ playing a leading role in London’s prosperity and creating exciting opportunities for local people. In their words “We are embracing innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and community to create opportunity for everyone so the Royal Docks of the future can be as buzzing as it was 100 years ago.”

We certainly embrace innovation, entrepreneurialism and creativity every day in our work for clients and have adapted to constantly changing operations for businesses during and post-Covid. We hope that if we can get through the last year, we can get through anything but we couldn’t have done it without our loyal customers and the support from our fellow local businesses in our neighbourhood. We are excited about the future of your Royal Docks and our part in it!


So that’s our story – we’d love to hear yours! Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or are a local business who wants to get your name out there, for help telling the story of your brand through design, print and web, call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk We’re here for you throughout lockdown and beyond…      

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