September 17, 2018

Case Study: Royal Docks Seabin Project Signage

Case Study: Royal Docks Seabin Project Signage

Like many people, we were pleased to see that the issue of pollution in our oceans has made it into the mainstream media and onto the public agenda. So we couldn’t have been prouder to be involved in a revolutionary bid to help clean-up the seas, right here in our own neighbourhood …


If you don’t yet know what a Seabin is, we’re about to tell you …

Seabins are a relatively new invention but a vitally important one. The Seabin was created by two avid surfers who were concerned about the amount of waste that was drifting into oceans all over the world. They felt that if we could have rubbish bins on land, why not Seabins in the sea?

The Seabin is, therefore, a floating bin located in marinas, docks, yacht clubs and ports. As you can see from our photos, the bin floats below the surface of the water, moving up and down with the tide, collecting rubbish.


How the Seabin works and why it is so important

Waste, litter and pollutants are sucked into a special catch bag within the Seabin and trapped there while the water is pumped back out, leaving the debris to be disposed of properly. Just one Seabin collects half a ton of debris each year. If all marinas, docks, yacht clubs and ports install Seabins, the amount of waste pollution which makes its way to our oceans will be reduced by a phenomenal percentage!


How we got involved

Bermuda-based international Finance Group, The Butterfield Group, invested in London’s first Seabin, located at the Good Hotel in our Royal Docks neighbourhood. If you regularly read our blog you may already know that we are Good Hotel’s preferred local design and print suppliers.

We were commissioned to design and install signage which explains to passersby what the Seabin does and news coverage has already appeared in Envirotec Magazine and on the Butterfield Group website which will help to spread the word further and encourage even more organisations to support this vital environmental initiative.


For indoor or outdoor signage, eco-printing advice, or design, print or web projects that don’t end up in the bin (see what we did there?) call our friendly, creative team any time on 0208 590 0922 or email us at Better yet, arrange to come and meet with us and take a look at the Seabin in action.

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