July 14, 2020

Design’s part in the fight against Covid-19

Design’s part in the fight against Covid-19

We’ve blogged in the past about how design helps to shape the world we live in and create change – and perhaps we are slightly biased, given that we eat, sleep, breathe design (and print and web). But, in the recent unprecedented times, when lives have depended on following guidelines, there is no denying the crucial part design and communications have played in the fight against Covid-19. We are supporting many brands and businesses in communicating to their customers and stakeholders throughout lockdown and beyond and we thought it would be a good time to reflect on how design is helping…

Inform and protect

As mentioned in our recent blogs, we have a long history of working on public health communications campaigns – and arguably this has been one of the most important government health campaigns in history. Infographics have played a huge part in conveying potentially life-saving advice to the public quickly and simply on messages around handwashing and social distancing, for example. But infographics have also been shared across social media to show how and why these methods, along with others, are helping. If you need help getting safety messages across to your customers, staff, residents, patients or stakeholders, we can use our unique experience to support and advise you.

Guide and reassure

Now more than ever customers are looking to us for guidance on how they can use our services and what we are doing to help keep them safe. Although the general consensus was that the population of the UK would not want to isolate for long, time and again the majority of people have chosen to do this for themselves (e.g., many people began ‘locking down’ prior to the official lockdown announcement, many families have chosen not to send their children back to school right away etc). We believe this proves that people will choose their health and safety over everything – and that includes when choosing who to buy from or use for services. Whether you need signage on social distancing in your premises or flyers and emails that let people know how to access your services and what steps you are taking to minimise risk – we can support you.

Keeping spirits up

There has been insurmountable tragedy associated with Covid-19, we are not out of the woods yet and its ripple-effects will be felt for generations to come. In dark times, people often turn to dark humour to get them through and keep their spirits up. Illustrators (and comedians generally) came into their own during lockdown, producing amusing cartoons that everyone could relate to. We are fans of the playfulness of illustration and think that this can also be a ‘friendlier’ way to convey safety information and rules to certain audiences such as children and families. We work a lot with illustration and illustrative design and would love to help you use this in your messaging, where appropriate.

Whether you need support communicating safety messages to your stakeholders, customers or colleagues, or whether you just want to update your design, print and web, call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk We’re here for you throughout lockdown and beyond…

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