August 4, 2022

In focus: Education Sector marketing

In focus: Education Sector marketing

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or member of a local community it’s likely that you will be connected to a school in some way. As we’ve mentioned before, we have a proud history of providing design, print and web for schools and colleges of all types. As schools, colleges and universities need to rely more and more on fundraising, marketing is becoming increasingly important for them. Here’s some of the ways that we can help…



  • Branding refresh – Many schools, colleges and universities have a recognised logo that has been used for decades. When it comes to academic institutions, history is very important so – except for in certain circumstances – we would usually advise refreshing branding rather than rebranding. But a refresh doesn’t mean low impact – you would be surprised the difference a change of colour or a tweak of design can make in bringing your branding up to date whilst keeping it instantly recognisable.
  • Campaigns – Your school or college may be running a fundraising campaign or simply wanting to promote itself a little more next year. This is where we can really get creative if needed, coming up with completely fresh schemes but also bringing in your existing branding.
  • Events and Pitches – And with fundraising usually comes events or pitches. Whether you are hosting an event for your students and parents or making a pitch to a local business (we know a few of those!), we would love to help you. We can deliver the design and print that themes your entire event or we can create presentations that get funders, philanthropists and alumni onside right away.
  • Adverts – We are highly experienced at producing adverts for local websites, newspapers and magazines and we can not only help you with design but also advise you on negotiating rates and what has worked well for clients in the past.



  • Brochures, folders and prospectuses – Whether you need these redesigning or just want to see if you can get a better rate, we can help. Because we’ve worked with printers for many years we can access trade prices which can help you budget.
  • Signage – For a special event or just wayfinding around your premises or campus, we can supply high quality and competitive indoor and outdoor signage and banners for fixed or portable use.
  • Large format – From buses to billboards, we can really help to get your name and messages out there. We have exclusive outdoor advertising contacts so if you want to go big – the sky’s the limit (we don’t do sky-writing but we do most other things!).



  • Websites – For schools and colleges, bringing their website up to date is a job they (understandably!) struggle to get round to. Many schools and colleges used similar “specialist” school suppliers for their websites some years ago but they are beginning to look tired and dated, overcrowded and difficult for parents and students to navigate. There might be a lot more that you can do online that would save you time and money if only your school or college website was up to it. We can build bespoke websites that can do pretty much whatever you want them to but we can also do this at highly competitive prices.
  • Online resources – The last couple of years has really shown schools and colleges just what they could do online. Whether it’s interactive resources, apps or portals, we can help you make life easier for parents and students when they’re not in the classroom.


You may have a specific project in mind or you may just want to have a general discussion. Whatever school, college or university marketing you need, call our experienced and creative team on 0208 590 0922 or email us at

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