January 21, 2019

The Marcomedia Guide to Graphic Design in 2019

The Marcomedia Guide to Graphic Design in 2019

If you’re looking for design, print and web inspiration for 2019 then you’ve come to the right place! While there’s a lot to be said for trend-setting and personal preferences playing a part in putting a great brand together, 2019’s trends are so diverse there should be something to inspire everyone…

A is for Asymmetrical layouts

Asymmetrical layouts have been popular in magazines and publications for a while and this trend is now being used for both brochures and websites. Using creative layouts can really modernize the look of an organisation and bring ‘dry’ subject matter to life.

Example: The Observer magazine

Vivid colours

‘Living Coral’ is the official pantone colour of 2019 and we are seeing more and more bolds and brights in branding. We find that clients are becoming adventurous when it comes to using colour and this is no doubt encouraged by the fact that many global brands have unexpectedly used vivid colour with much success.

Example: Apple or Samsung advertising

Animation in branding

Moving logos and animated branding is something we expect to see more of throughout 2019. Whether illustrative logos that are being ‘drawn’ as you look at them or logos with moving parts, animation can help brands convey a sense of fun and innovation that makes them completely stand-out in their sector.

Example: Google

Retro people illustration

This style of illustration, sometimes described as ‘retro human illustration’ or ‘mid-century modern illustration’ became increasingly popular in 2018 in creative media and looks set to transition to marketing for 2019. This style is perfect for brands that want to connect with people and communities, celebrate diversity and convey a sense of creativity or fun.

Example: Firefox advert or The Pool magazine

Augmented Reality (AR)

Web will, obviously, continue to be designed in a mobile-first way throughout 2019. The trend for illustrative design continues to be popular as well as increasingly clever use of negative space. But it is augmented reality that is likely to be one of the biggest digital trends in 2019. AR apps allow customers to engage with brands online like never before, trying before they buy and seeing themselves as part of the brand. AR works well for large consumer brands but any business could use it for a social media campaigns and we think it will be used in increasingly creative ways in 2019.

Example: Pepsi

So, while retro remains popular, design, print and web are taking on a futuristic feel in 2019. Whether you are excited by new trends and technologies or want a more traditional look, our team will be able to help you. Call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk

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