August 6, 2021

Summer nights: Helping the night time economy recover

Summer nights: Helping the night time economy recover

Now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted – but caution advised – nightclubs are reopening for the first time in a year. It isn’t just nightclubs themselves that have been adversely affected by Covid-19 – DJs, promoters and suppliers to the sector have all found themselves facing an uncertain future. Marcomedia has a long history of supporting the clubbing industry (our founder Surinder was a DJ), most notably DJ Vix and Dhol ‘n’ Bass, and we also have a long history of public health campaigning (Surinder was also an NHS communications specialist – he’s a busy man!). Helping the night time economy recover whilst proceeding with caution is a difficult balance but if anyone can get it right it’s Team Marco. Here’s how we can help you…


Safety First

Let’s be honest – people in clubs aren’t generally known for their attention to detail. As nightclubs and late-night venues were given the green light to reopen, it was also announced that from September proof of Covid vaccination will be mandatory. There is a lot of confusion around what nightclubs need from customers now and in the future so it’s a good idea for clubs and venues to keep customers up to date. This is also an excellent opportunity to promote upcoming events and offers. We can help with emailers, social media, landing pages and print.


Sign of the times

We have helped many businesses with both indoor and outdoor signage for many years but more so during the pandemic. As it stands, there is no social distancing in nightclubs (and this would likely be pretty difficult to enforce!) but Covid aside, we can provide general signage for indoors, print for walls, floors, doors and ceilings, banners for outdoors and large format print for billboards and advertising.


Getting the most from your budget

It’s been the most difficult year for nightclubs and their suppliers. As the doors to the local night time economy reopen, they need to let people know they’re still there but the last thing they want to do is waste money on marketing they don’t need. We are known for our ability to quote competitively, but also because of our experience in the clubbing sector we have many money-saving tricks up our sleeve and a good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t whether it’s design, print or web.


A fresh start?

Many club owners have had (a lot!) of time to reflect over the last year and are using this as an opportunity to drop what wasn’t working for them and launch new promotions, providing new opportunities to suppliers in the process. Whether you are a nightclub that wants to come back with a fresh new image or a DJ that wants to promote themselves in a new way for the new normal, we would love to talk to you.


For experienced advice, ideas or a no obligation free quote, call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at We’re here for you throughout lockdown and beyond…      

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