June 11, 2018

Take our quiz to find out what we can do for you!

Take our quiz to find out what we can do for you!

Silly season is here and people are jetting-off on holiday left, right and centre. Which as we all now know, thanks to one of our most popular blogs, is good for productivity because, well, science. One thing most of us do on holiday, whether it’s in the departure lounge or by the poolside, is read magazines. So we have produced a holiday magazine-style quiz to help you identify how we can help you this summer (or anytime!) …

You have an industry event to go to, do you

1. A) Try to take so many flyers, business cards, brochures and giveaways that you can’t get your car boot shut

2. B) Take your brochures from ten years ago but after seeing everyone else’s, decide to leave them in the car and hope you make a memorable impression

3. C) Panic when the organisers ask you to shout about it on social media and your website as you’ve forgotten all your login details and haven’t used either since they were set-up

Your competitor has just launched a very successful online marketing campaign, do you

1. A) Decide to grab your target market’s attention by offering branded promotional gifts with every purchase

2. B) Send out a striking, personalised direct mail campaign

3. C) You’d love to do an online marketing campaign too but you don’t know where to start and your website doesn’t look as good as theirs. Help!

You are stuck for marketing ideas. How do you find inspiration?

1. A) Look at the things on your desk and on your walls. Take inspiration from the marketing that inspired you

2. B) Go for a walk. Get inspired by the things that you see. A change of scene always brings new ideas

3. C) Surf the internet. Yes, it’s a distraction sometimes but it’s also an amazing resource full of inspiration

What is the next marketing campaign you are planning?

1. A) ‘The next one’? Try the next ten. You have a wall-planner for the next two years covered in key dates and timelines

2. B) You are full of ideas but not sure where to start

3. C) You just need to get your website and social media looking great then you can start thinking about marketing

If you answered mostly As

Our print services can help you!

You are usually highly organized. You love print and distributing marketing materials that people can take away and refer to at their leisure. Our experienced print team can help you plan your print for the most cost-effective campaigns, advising you on how to achieve the look and feel you love as well as the most eco-friendly options.

If you answered mostly Bs

Our Design team will help make all your brilliant ideas a reality!

You are bursting with ideas and a very visual person. You find inspiration everywhere but it can be hard to make your ideas a reality 1) because you’re not sure where to start and 2) because of all the other stuff you have to do! Our team can quickly and professionally bring your ideas to life so that you can see their success and are free to come up with even more!

If you answered mostly Cs

When it comes to design for digital, we have the know-how you need!

You spend plenty of time on the internet but never seem to find the time to bring your own online presence up to date. Whether you need a new website, social media profiles or online marketing advice we can help you.

Whatever the outcome of our quiz – heck, even if you skipped to the end and didn’t do it – we are known for delivering the best marketing solutions for every sector and budget. Talk to our experienced, creative team this summer on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk

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