August 4, 2017

Why squirrels would rock at marketing (our nuttiest blog yet)

Why squirrels would rock at marketing (our nuttiest blog yet)

It’s summertime (or it was the last time we looked out of the window), and the Marcomedia Team have been taking inspiration from sunshine, nature and the great outdoors. Naturally, one thing led to another and we wrote this blog about marketing and squirrels…

Primarily – we were thinking about the way that squirrels (and the animal kingdom in general) approach the changing seasons. *Bear* with us (sorry)…

Squirrels plan ahead

Successful marketing takes planning. Just as squirrels will hide their acorns to sustain them during the winter, the best marketeers know that they need to plan ahead in order to boost business all year round. They don’t sit back when business is booming and complain when it all goes quiet.

They understand that to build and scale a sustainable business model, they must anticipate the quiet times, capitalise on the busy times and plan their print, design and digital campaigns accordingly.

And by ‘they’ we are referring to the business owners and marketing managers, not squirrels, because squirrels know nothing about print, design and digital marketing. That would be ridiculous!

Squirrels learn fast and never give up

Like some of us, you might be old enough to remember a BBC Documentary which featured a ‘mission impossible’ squirrel obstacle course that became a huge hit with the public. A couple of squirrels which regularly visited practised the course again and again until they successfully completed it. The footage was eventually used in an advert for Carling Black Label to iconic effect. For anyone who doesn’t remember, you can marvel at the squirrels’ tenacity here.

The most effective marketing campaigns allow for an element of trial and error – just like the squirrels’ first few attempts at the obstacle course. If we all stuck to tried and tested marketing no one would ever do anything new – and it’s the original ideas (not necessarily the most costly) that best capture the interest of the public.

We can help you trial new marketing solutions with

  • Emailer campaigns with built-in engagement measurement
  • Digital advertising and detailed click-through reports
  • Websites with user analysis
  • Years of print and design experience and expertise

Squirrels think seasonally

Yes, the nights might start drawing in at the end of the summer but Autumn and Winter have some of the best seasonal marketing opportunities to draw customers out. We can advise on

  • Back to school campaigns
  • Halloween and Bonfire events and offers
  • Diwali celebrations and offers
  • Burns Night dinners and events
  • Christmas menus, flyers, emailers and gifts

From the smallest acorns…

Squirrels forget where they put about 74% of their acorns. All those forgotten acorns become trees and forests. So squirrels are, essentially, helping to save the planet. We can talk you through a range of sustainable design and print products and processes and help you to minimise your carbon impact too.

If you think that was nuts, wait until you see our affordable prices!

We’d love to meet with you and discuss how you can make this your best Autumn/Winter yet. Call our friendly team on 0208 590 0922 or email us at so we can advise you on getting the most for your money – and then get cracking.

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