December 8, 2020

Your customers want to support you (they just need you to tell them how)

Your customers want to support you (they just need you to tell them how)

Whilst this has been one of the most challenging times for small businesses and the self-employed, there has also never been such a climate of support and appreciation for local businesses. Perhaps because so many things are outside of our control, we are looking for areas where our actions make a difference. And perhaps because we have never been more aware of the direct impact our spending has on businesses. Or perhaps, simply, because our local businesses kept us connected during times of isolation and social distancing – whether that was nipping into our local shops or getting deliveries of essentials when the bigger brands were overwhelmed. Here are our tips for helping our customers to help us…


Let them know you are still there for them

During lockdown there is confusion about which businesses are operating and how. At the very least, it is worth putting the word out that you are still there, letting your customers know what you are doing to keep them safe and what services are available. Even if you have had to temporarily stop trading during lockdown you can keep in touch with customers to tell them how it is for you, plans for getting back up and running or simply thanking them for their ongoing support. We can support you with emailer campaigns, social media management or anything else you might need to tell your lockdown story and help customers support your brand.


Offer them more

If yours is a business that can’t trade during lockdown (a spa or gym for example), why not sell vouchers that people can use after lockdown? Not only does this give you an income during lockdown, it will also be the perfect way for people to buy unique gifts, help their local businesses and look forward to a more positive time in the future.


Can more of your services be digital? Is your website functioning as well as it could? Does it allow your customers to make online purchases or book deliveries from you, for example? Check out our series of blogs on how we are helping businesses do more digitally during lockdown.


Tell them what you need

As business owners, we are so used to projecting an image of success that it feels quite unnatural to communicate areas where we need a little extra support. But if ever there was a time for communities to rally for their local businesses this would be it. If you need people to spend an extra couple of pounds on your products, rather than buying from the global brands who can afford to undercut you, tell them (without naming names – obviously!). If you need people to get their takeaways from you now in order to be able to open your doors to them again later, let them know. Most people want to help their local businesses now more than ever. Whether it’s via email, blogs, social media or print, we can help you communicate with your customers during difficult times.


How you can help us

We would love to support you through this any way that we can, from having an informal chat and seeing if we can put you in touch with any of our contacts, to introducing you to our fab networking groups to supporting you with all your design, web and print needs and continuing to get as much as we possibly can for your budget. Like every business, this year has not been easy for us. If you want to support us please do recommend our services to any businesses you know that are thinking about updating their online profiles and websites, doing more digitally, launching marketing campaigns, new products or services or starting new ventures. We may all be in different boats but we are all in the same storm and we will get through this together.


Call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at We’re here for you throughout lockdown and beyond …

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