August 19, 2019

Combat climate anxiety – with positive design!

Combat climate anxiety – with positive design!

It’s impossible to avoid all the news stories about climate change, wildfires, extreme weather and impacts on wildlife. It’s now widely recognised that climate anxiety is an issue many are facing but don’t worry, this isn’t a political post!

People talk about ‘green’ choices, or things that make them feel ‘blue’. We see smooth curves and feel calm whilst spiky images have the opposite effect. Tactile materials can also change our feelings – it’s why we love to spend time stroking our pets.

But what does all this have to do with design?

Well, in a nutshell, everything. (Extra brownie points if you pictured a nutshell, and a bonus one if you imagined how it feels!)

When we brainstorm ideas for clients we think about the personality they want to show their clients. We explore the key messages, the tone of voice in the words they choose.

Imagine a high quality brochure with recycled paper, natural images like water, stone or fresh leaves. It’s calming and easy to connect with. It sets a tone and people respond but it’s often the sort of thing used by health practioners or green businesses. You might want to show you’re busy, fast, connected and active but you’ll also want to provide reassurance that they can rely on you. Small changes to your brand could convey a very different message, for example, a green highlight in your logo sends an instant message, especially if it’s backed up with changes across your brand some of which might even save you money.

People are actively choosing businesses that help them to do better and feel calmer and those choices begin with design. It doesn’t have to be your product but everything around it from the brand you create for it, the parcel you post it in, the materials and channels you use to market to your customers and how you travel to meet clients. From the selection of recycled papers and vegetable based inks, to the use of digital printing to reduce wastage, it’s all part of showing how you are making a difference through your design, print and web presence.

Whether it’s a change to your branding, your brochures, leaflets or even your product talk to us about your inspiration. Allow yourself to turn anxiety about the news into exciting opportunities, we’re here to help when you’re ready to take action and lead the way! Call 0208 590 0922 because it’s good to talk, or email us at



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