• Be inspired by the Royal Docks Summer Programme!

    Be inspired by the Royal Docks Summer Programme!

    Regular readers of our blog will know how proud we are of the history and vibrancy of our Royal Docks neighbourhood! The line-up this summer is inspirational as always. So, we thought we’d not only tell you a bit about what you can look forward to but also why it might inspire you to arrange to come and meet with us while you’re here …


  • Are you effectively engaging your communities?

    Are you effectively engaging your communities?

    With a background in public sector communications and a history of working with other suppliers to the public sector, engaging with communities is something we know a thing or two about. And it’s not just the public sector that can benefit from better community engagement – everyone can! So, whether you are a public sector organisation that wants to improve your engagement with stakeholders, a supplier to the public sector or a commercial business who wants to improve their marketing with some community engagement tactics – you’re in the right place…


  • Our challenge to you…

    Our challenge to you…

    … should you choose to accept it: to find us a sector we haven’t already worked with (because we think we might have worked with them all!). Marcomedia has been established for over 12 years – which is not an easy feat when you factor in a recession and a pandemic. And we are willing to bet there aren’t many businesses that have worked with as many different brands as we have in that time…


  • Educating Essex…

    Educating Essex…

    … and London … and Yorkshire … and … well, everywhere really. Summer is upon us and students and teachers around the country are already ordering new academic year planners. It isn’t just commercial businesses that need to be savvy when marketing themselves, as the competition for academic funding increases, schools, colleges and universities need to ensure their branding and marketing is as smart as their uniforms. We’re proud to work with some big names in the education sector and would love to help your local school or college look its best…


  • Marketing support when you need it most

    Marketing support when you need it most

    If, like a lot of our clients, you need to continuously promote your brand but are not in a position to take on in-house marketing personnel, we can help you. We can give you the reassurance of having an experienced marketing team that can hit the ground running – when you need them…


  • In focus: Travel Marketing post Covid

    In focus: Travel Marketing post Covid

    As Covid infection levels decrease, there is hope that the pandemic is ending. But no one knows what will happen in the future and Covid will continue to remain part of the world we live in – whether as a perceived risk or an actual risk. Travel and tourism was one of the hardest hit sectors but it is also proving to be one of the most resilient: in a truly global community, the need and desire to travel has prevailed. You may already know that we work extensively with the travel and hospitality sectors. Here’s our round-up of trends and best practices for the travel sector in a post-Covid world.


  • Newham’s next generation of tech talent

    Newham’s next generation of tech talent

    As our client Newham College prepares to launch the pioneering London City Institute of Technology we explain why supporting the next generation of tech talent – as well as existing tech businesses – in our borough of Newham is so important to us…


  • Ssshh… We are tourism marketeers’ best kept secret…

    Ssshh… We are tourism marketeers’ best kept secret…

    As travel bookings are predicted to reach pre-pandemic levels for many destinations this summer, we wanted to let you in on a secret: we’ve worked with some major travel and tourism brands via our creative agency clients (but we would never tell you which ones because we want our agency clients to get all the glory!). We can tell you a bit about our background in travel and tourism marketing and our long proud history of providing design, print and web support to incredibly busy travel and tourism creatives …


  • Newham businesses – it’s time to shine!

    Newham businesses – it’s time to shine!

    They’re back! The Newham Business Awards are now open for submissions for the sixth year running – and they just keep getting bigger and better thanks to the dynamic local business community we have here in Newham. Submissions are open to both Newham-based businesses and companies that have completed substantial business in the borough. Here’s the lowdown and the links you need:


  • Get your brand Summer-ready!

    Get your brand Summer-ready!

    You’ve probably heard plenty about getting yourself beach-ready (put on something you won’t get too hot in – job done?) but how about getting your brand Summer-ready? Help yourself to some all-inclusive Summer 2022 inspiration on us…


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