• Are we really listening?

    Are we really listening?

    To say it’s been a challenging year for us all is an understatement. Business owners and self-employed people have had to continuously adapt in order to keep going – and they are the lucky ones. Whether it’s the pandemic, our businesses or life in general, things can impact our wellbeing and we all need to offload sometimes. July is The Samaritans awareness month, which culminates in The Big Listen on 24th. And this year they have also released a book called How to Listen – encouraging us all to have better conversations when it matters most. In addition to supporting others, we believe that listening is the key to successful client relationships – and we could probably all afford get better at it …


    How to listen

    For most of us, life is so busy juggling work and family or social commitments that it can be hard to find the time to listen, let alone reflect on how well we are doing it. And for many of us, the pressure to look like we have it all together can make it difficult to talk about our challenges. But these sort of conversations not only create better connections, they can significantly increase wellbeing and – in the case of The Samaritans – literally be the difference between life and death. The How to Listen book is full of tips from trained Samaritans about having difficult conversations but all of them – such as listening to understand rather than to judge or reply – are useful for having better conversations in every area of our lives … including with our customers.


    Listening to our clients

    Many of us spend time preparing our 60 second pitches, presentations or agendas, getting ready to talk-the-talk but how many of us prepare ourselves to listen? In listening and asking open questions we connect better with our clients, creating longer term, more trustworthy relationships with them and we get a deeper understanding of their challenges which enables us to be more competitive suppliers to them.


    Listening to our target markets

    On a wider scale, how often do we send out a print or email campaign shouting about our latest products or services then wait and see what feedback we get? Would it not be better to invest in surveying our target markets before we’ve even developed our product or service to ensure it is exactly what they want and need? Thanks to evolving data collection and management there are many ways that we can do this and produce personalised campaigns that offer people the products and services that most appeal to them. Our team of tech and creative experts can help you listen to your customers better.


    Helping ensure everyone is listened to when they really need it

    The Samaritans are there 24/7 for anyone who just needs someone to talk to – and they are needed now more than ever. They can be contacted day or night by phone on 116 123 or by email at jo@samaritans.org They rely on donations and volunteers and there are many things businesses can do to enable them to continue their work, from making them their nominated charity of the year to fun fundraising events or simply spreading awareness of their work. Get inspiration here.


    We’re listening …

    Whatever your commercial challenges, we are here to listen with an open mind. Whether you need help launching a new product or service, want to appeal better to your target market or simply want to brainstorm ways to get more business through design, print and web, call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk We’re here for you throughout lockdown and beyond…      

  • Maskomedia: We’ve got you covered

    Maskomedia: We’ve got you covered

    At the beginning of the pandemic the idea of wearing masks when we left our homes seemed pretty scary. Even though there is hope on the horizon, we’ve got so used to wearing them that for many people the idea of being in a public place without a mask seems pretty scary now. At the time of writing this there is still a question mark over when the face-covering guidelines will be eased in the UK. But even when that does happen, it’s likely many people will continue to wear them for the time being for added reassurance. So, if masks are a way of life for the foreseeable future, why not consider them as a branding tool?


  • Inspiration for the next generation

    Inspiration for the next generation

    Given what we’ve been through, now is most definitely the time to look towards the future. And the future is in the hands of the next generation. Designers have helped in the effort to bring the pandemic under control more than many people realise and we are always keen to encourage and develop young designers. In fact, over the years approximately 20+ apprentices and trainees have passed through Marco HQ and we’ve been commended for our work in this area. So, we’ve dedicated this blog to some of the people doing incredible things to inspire the next generation…


  • The full package

    The full package

    As a design, print and web studio, we pride ourselves on providing the full package for our clients. And packaging is something we do too. The world is changing and, as a result, we’ve become more conscious consumers which means that packaging design has become even more important. If you don’t produce physical products, it can be helpful to think of branding as the ‘packaging’ we put on our businesses. Whether you have a product that is going to literally be hitting the shelves or you just want to update your branding in a way that appeals to the more conscious consumer, this blog may inspire you…


  • It’s Newham Heritage Month and we couldn’t be prouder of our borough!

    It’s Newham Heritage Month and we couldn’t be prouder of our borough!

    Those of you who know us, know that we are based in Expressway in the heart of the Royal Docks, Newham. Those who know us really well will know that Newham is where our founder, Surinder, grew up. Our borough has always been close to our hearts and we are proud of our work with local organisations such as Newham College, Tate & Lyle, Good Hotel London, Community Links, Expressway London and the Newham Chamber of Commerce – where Surinder is a member of the executive council. We’ve also received official commendation for helping develop Newham’s talented young creatives. So to say the theme of this year’s Newham Heritage Month – which celebrates the innovation and creativity in the borough – is ‘right up our street’ is something of an understatement…


  • Here comes summer 2021!

    Here comes summer 2021!

    Summer 2021 is on its way – and it’s likely to be a summer like no other. With lockdown restrictions relaxing – and simply soaking up a little sun after a long, difficult winter – your customers are likely to be in better spirits and ready to live life a little more. Here’s our guide to some hot trends and sizzling suggestions for summer 2021 marketing…


  • Marketing for the next normal?

    Marketing for the next normal?

    There was a time when we talked about the ‘new normal’. But as we make our way out of lockdown it is becoming clear that we can expect things to keep changing and that we will need to keep adapting. So, here is our round-up of the latest advice for marketing in the next normal…


  • Help your customers feel safe and confident post lockdown

    Help your customers feel safe and confident post lockdown

    The atmosphere in the UK at the time of writing is one of hope – particularly for businesses that are able to reopen. But having undergone three lockdowns, customers are likely to be cautious (and rightly so). They will be looking for both guidance on what rules they need to follow and reassurance that businesses are putting their safety first. With a background in public health campaigns and a reputation for competitive design, print and web, we’ve put together some ideas on how you can help your customers feel safe and confident…


  • Read all about our Expressway friends!

    Read all about our Expressway friends!

    As the roadmap out of lockdown continues, our thoughts turn to our lovely waterfront HQ at Expressway and all the friendly faces and amazing businesses there. It’s not been easy for any of us – or for independent businesses anywhere. With happier, more hopeful times ahead, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blog to our neighbouring businesses who have weathered this storm with us. So, in no particular order…


  • Roll out the post-lockdown roller banners

    Roll out the post-lockdown roller banners

    They look great, they’re affordable, they’re portable, they’re easy to use and they can help keep you and your customers safe! Roll-up, roll-up for our guide to why roller-banners are the must-have for any brand this Spring/Summer…


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