• Stats show surge in success of direct mail

    Stats show surge in success of direct mail

    We have blogged recently about the importance of signage and communications during lockdown so we were pleased to see this article in Print Week reporting that the effectiveness of direct mail and door-drop print campaigning has surged in recent times…


  • The Festival of Marketing 2020

    The Festival of Marketing 2020

    Attending a marketing festival – albeit digitally – may not be high on your agenda at the moment, given recent events. But it is because of recent events that it is probably more important than ever to consider virtually attending this year’s Festival of Marketing. Here are some of the reasons why…


  • Design for older people

    Design for older people

    Particularly in light of Covid-19, there have been many communications campaigns aimed at older people recently. Commercially, the 65+ demographic remains one of the most powerful consumer groups that advertisers can target. And yet marketing campaigns for older people are often dull, cliched or fail to connect. Alive Ventures ran a series of panels for older people called Old People are Cool, Design for them Sucks and have published some of their findings in the hope of inspiring better design for this demographic…


  • Join the Docks is offering grants of up to £14000

    Join the Docks is offering grants of up to £14000

    Join the Docks is happening again this year – albeit in a safe and socially distanced way. For anyone who doesn’t know, Join the Docks is a join initiative between our neighbourhood – The Royal Docks – and The Mayor of London (who may soon be our newest neighbour!). It celebrates our vibrant local communities, businesses, artists and the diverse history of The Royal Docks. The organisers are looking for your help in putting together the programme of events and are offering performers and artists grants ranging from £500 – £14000


  • Poster Power: Is 2020 the year of the poster?

    Poster Power: Is 2020 the year of the poster?

    2020 has certainly been the year of many unexpected things (we are already writing our acceptance speech for The Understatement of the Century award), admittedly quite far down on that list may be a new-found love for the humble poster. But actually, behind this may be a more important message of hope and the human spirit. Here’s how Covid-19 gave rise to the power of the poster…


  • Supporting designers has never been more important

    Supporting designers has never been more important

    How much did designers help you during lockdown? Probably more than you think (see below). In our previous blog we talked about how designers can both create change and support us through it – never more so than throughout lockdown. But, like the wider arts sector, many design and creative professionals are feeling the impact of Covid-19. We have a long history of supporting and developing designers and there has never been a more important time for you to show your support too…


  • Design’s part in the fight against Covid-19

    Design’s part in the fight against Covid-19

    We’ve blogged in the past about how design helps to shape the world we live in and create change – and perhaps we are slightly biased, given that we eat, sleep, breathe design (and print and web). But, in the recent unprecedented times, when lives have depended on following guidelines, there is no denying the crucial part design and communications have played in the fight against Covid-19. We are supporting many brands and businesses in communicating to their customers and stakeholders throughout lockdown and beyond and we thought it would be a good time to reflect on how design is helping…


  • How are you communicating the new normal to your customers?

    How are you communicating the new normal to your customers?

    As lockdown begins to ease, now more than ever, customers are looking to organisations for direction and reassurance – whether that’s guidance on social distancing while they are in their premises, knowing how they are operating to minimise risk or simply which services they can access and how. As a design, print and web agency with a background in public health communications, we are here to support you…


  • Have you heard the news about our new neighbour?

    Have you heard the news about our new neighbour?

    Although we are still doing our bit to minimise risk and not working from our Royal Docks studio right now, those that know us or regularly read our blogs will know how proud we are of our neighbours, our neighbourhood and its exciting future. So, imagine our reaction when we heard who our new neighbour might be…


  • The World Illustration Awards 2020

    The World Illustration Awards 2020

    At the risk of understating things – it’s not been exactly easy lately, has it? It has been a time of change (some of it positive), it has been a time of coming together whilst remaining apart and it has, no doubt, been a time of reflection and inspiration for artists for generations to come. But it has not been easy. If you want a bit of a break from it all, we would strongly recommend having a look at the longlist of the World Illustration Awards 2020. Even if you don’t think you are into illustration, we defy anyone to look at the vast selection of vibrant illustrations and not see something they love…


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