• The Christmas Planning Blog

    The Christmas Planning Blog

    This year, of all years, we are reluctant to mention it with so much ongoing uncertainty, but however it happens, Christmas will happen in one way or another. And perhaps, because it’s been such a difficult year, it is more important than ever to try to spread a little cheer to your customers, thank them for their support and let them know you are there for them as we head into 2021. Here’s our guide to making your Christmas marketing as Covid-safe as possible in 2020…


  • Could you do more for your customers from a distance?

    Could you do more for your customers from a distance?

    At the time of writing this we have been through one national lockdown and are facing local lockdowns across the UK. None of us know how long this situation will continue but businesses of all sizes are changing their offering so that they can do more for customers online. We provide a range of competitive digital services that might help you help your customers even if they can’t visit you…


  • Proud to be supporting our local businesses through challenging times

    Proud to be supporting our local businesses through challenging times

    Ironically, in these times of social distancing, we’ve found ourselves working even more closely with our fellow local businesses. While we are proud to work with brands all over the world, it is great to see local communities supporting each other during these uncertain times too. From helping Newham College with their 2020 enrollment campaign, creating banners for Tate & Lyle, supporting Newham Chamber of Commerce and Chigwell Business Group to collaboration with colleagues in our Expressway building – including supplying branded masks, here are some of the ways we’re supporting businesses in Newham, the Royal Docks and the surrounding areas…


  • How digital is leading the fight against Covid-19

    How digital is leading the fight against Covid-19

    When we wrote a blog in early February 2020, about this year being a new digital era for healthcare, we did not know just how tragically true that would be. As we type this, eight months later, we are going through a global pandemic and the Government has released the NHS Covid-19 app which will be key to the UK’s management of this ongoing situation. Here are some of the ways that digital is leading the fight against Covid-19…


  • It’s not just about having a website: Making the web work harder for you

    It’s not just about having a website: Making the web work harder for you

    We’re all doing more digitally these days. We were before Covid-19 but even more so since and, with infection rates on the rise again at the time of writing, this looks set to continue. For a long time, we have talked about our ‘design, print and web’ services and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the ‘web’ bit that we’ve been doing more of lately. So, we thought now would be a good time to talk you through some of the digital services we can offer to help your business through these challenging times…


  • Need additional marketing support? We’re here for you…

    Need additional marketing support? We’re here for you…

    There are some businesses that haven’t survived Covid-19, and for some that have redundancies are a sad consequence of this unprecedented situation. Many organisations are facing the prospect of needing to market themselves and communicate with customers perhaps now more than ever, whilst being left with only a fraction of their in-house marketing personnel – if any. If this sounds all too familiar, we are able to provide both short and long-term flexible marketing support to your organisation – however large or small…


  • New approaches to health messaging

    New approaches to health messaging

    Although compliance has always been a priority, before 2020, the average business didn’t have to do a great deal of health and safety messaging. Now our average customer not only wants to know what services we can offer them, but also what we are doing to help ensure their safety. Add to this the fact that many businesses are doing their bit in the fight against Covid-19 by disseminating the latest guidelines and it feels a bit like we are all supposed to be public health campaigners now. With a background in public health communications and ever-innovative ways to promote health and safety messages, we are here to support you…


  • Stats show surge in success of direct mail

    Stats show surge in success of direct mail

    We have blogged recently about the importance of signage and communications during lockdown so we were pleased to see this article in Print Week reporting that the effectiveness of direct mail and door-drop print campaigning has surged in recent times…


  • The Festival of Marketing 2020

    The Festival of Marketing 2020

    Attending a marketing festival – albeit digitally – may not be high on your agenda at the moment, given recent events. But it is because of recent events that it is probably more important than ever to consider virtually attending this year’s Festival of Marketing. Here are some of the reasons why…


  • Design for older people

    Design for older people

    Particularly in light of Covid-19, there have been many communications campaigns aimed at older people recently. Commercially, the 65+ demographic remains one of the most powerful consumer groups that advertisers can target. And yet marketing campaigns for older people are often dull, cliched or fail to connect. Alive Ventures ran a series of panels for older people called Old People are Cool, Design for them Sucks and have published some of their findings in the hope of inspiring better design for this demographic…


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