• A refreshing start to the year

    A refreshing start to the year

    You may be surprised to learn that many of the logos which feature highly in our daily lives today were, in fact, designed over 100 years ago. A new book from Taschen called Logo Beginnings collates our most historic logos and explores the ways that they have been tweaked rather than redesigned over the years retaining the elements we’ve come to know and love whilst staying relevant. Which leads us to ask, what could we refresh for you in 2022 (making yet another unintentional new year rhyme)?


  • Have you seen the 2022 colour of the year? It’s very…

    Have you seen the 2022 colour of the year? It’s very…

    … Peri. Yup. Very Peri (or PANTONE 17-3938 to give it its less-catchy title) has been announced by the Pantone Colour Institute as the 2022 Colour of the Year. And it’s blue, Jim, but not as we know it. Here’s our guide to this blue tone with a twist and how to use it…


  • What a way to end 2021!

    What a way to end 2021!

    Probably much like you, we entered this year braced for the unexpected but ready to adapt. So, ending the year with two fantastic events is a cause for celebration in itself, but particularly when both events celebrated local achievements despite challenging times…


  • 2022 Website Trends (Part II)

    2022 Website Trends (Part II)

    The new year is a perfect time to update your website and because website design evolves every single day, there are so many new trends you can have fun with. So many, in fact, that we’ve had to write two blogs to fit them all in! So here it is – part II of our website trends guide to inspire you in 2022!


  • 2022 Website Trends (Part I)

    2022 Website Trends (Part I)

    Websites look dated within a couple of years so it’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to yours. There are so many new website trends coming through in 2022 that, like our blog on Design Trends, we’ve had to write two blogs on them. Welcome to our blog on website trends Part I…


  • 2022 Design Trends (Part II)

    2022 Design Trends (Part II)

    There are so many brilliant design trends emerging as we head into the new year, that we’ve had to do a two-part blog so we can tell you about them! And this isn’t even all of them! Whether you’re bringing your social media up to date or launching a brave new brand, there are so many ways that you can use your design, print and web to start 2022 with a bang – and we’d love to help you…


  • 2022 Design Trends (Part I)

    2022 Design Trends (Part I)

    It’s been a tough couple of years and, although the pandemic is still very much part of life, we have begun start planning again as we head into this new year. Although we can make a fresh start at any point, the new year seems a natural point for brands to pause, reflect, review and re-launch. Here at Marco HQ, we love nothing more than a new year reboot and we have so much 2022 design inspiration for you we’ve had to write two blogs on it…


  • Looking forward to better times

    Looking forward to better times

    Whatever you do and whatever your brand, you really can’t go wrong sending clients a customised wall-planner, diary or calendar in time for the new year. Not only is it a practical gift that will help them out, it’s an opportunity to keep your name in front of them for the next 12 months. And advances in print mean that the only limit to how creatively customised they are is your imagination…


  • Flexible Festive Marketing

    Flexible Festive Marketing

    ‘Tis the season to be flexi… ble? No, you’re right, it probably won’t catch on. While we are full of hope that this year will be different, no one needs reminding of what happened last year. So, in the spirit of looking forwards and making the best of it whatever happens this festive season (and beyond) here’s our guide to making your design, print and web as adaptable as possible…


  • Book your festive design and print with us now!

    Book your festive design and print with us now!

    If it still seems early to you, bear in mind that we’ve been working on Christmas campaigns for some of our bigger brands since the summer. The festive period is always a busy time, whether it’s taking extra bookings, letting customers know your opening hours or – in the case of last year – scrambling to adapt to quickly-changing lockdown restrictions. So, here’s some inspiration and advice from us on the best way to give your customers the festive feels this year…


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