April 29, 2019

Do you have a “presidential” brand?

Do you have a “presidential” brand?

At the time of writing this, if you Google ‘graphic design’ or ‘logos’ the chances are you will come across a news story on the branding for the 2020 US presidential candidates. Logos can say so much about us, our values and our brand – sometimes without us even realising. We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at what is being said about the presidential candidates and how we can relate these insights to our own visual identities …

Tell us what you really think

In this (quite amusing) article for Business Insider, graphic design experts were asked to rate and comment on the candidates’ branding. Let’s just say, they did not hold back. Andrew Yang’s logo was declared ‘an abomination’, Amy Klobuchar was accused of looking more like she was ‘running for president of her high school class’ and design curator and scholar Ellen Lupton said she would ‘rather walk’ than get on board with John Delaney.

Letters from America

There were also thankfully elements which the panel felt worked well and we can turn their critical comments into handy tips. Here’s are some of the key points from the article:

  • If you are going with a slogan, make it personal, specific and avoid over-used clichés if you can. Jay Inslee was criticised for his ‘Our Moment’ slogan which the panel felt was too vague
  • John Delaney was criticised for using too many elements. We really like simple logos here at Marco HQ and too much going on can make your brand look dated
  • Both Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang were judged as not looking presidential enough. We’re guessing you’re probably not running for president (although we do love a challenge and we haven’t been beaten yet!) but whatever you are offering it is important that you look ‘the part’ and as professional as your industry peers
  • Conversely, a couple of the candidates’ logo choices were deemed ‘too safe’ and not strong enough. It’s important that you choose a look which will appeal to your prospects but also one that makes you stand out
  • In fact, the candidates who stood out the most were the most favoured by the panel. Kamala Harris, with her ‘refreshing’ use of colour, ‘For the People’ slogan and equal weight on her name and slogan was rated as one of the best logos

For the People

Whether you need advice on freshening up a tired-looking brand or are launching a new business or service, we can help you create eye-catching branding to get you noticed by the right people. Call our team of experienced creatives today on 0208 590 0922 or email info@marcomedia.co.uk and you too could soon be living the (American) dream.

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