November 5, 2018

Inspiration: Seasons greetings cards they’ll remember all year round

Inspiration: Seasons greetings cards they’ll remember all year round

Whether it’s for Hanukkah, Christmas or any seasonal celebration, a personalized greetings card is much more likely to have an impact on us. But things often get busy during the festive season. So how do you show your customers that you value them, while still running your business? You could hire a team of elves. Or you could let us help you with these ideas…

A brand-new way to celebrate

If there’s one thing we’d like you to take away from this blog, it would be to avoid ‘template designs’ at all costs. We design cards for our clients from scratch that incorporate their branding but also convey the message they want to get across to their customers each year. Our designs range from cards, envelopes, giftwrap and packaging for global corporate firms to bold, quirky, abstract, digital or unusually shaped printed cards for independent brands. Whatever message you want to convey this year, our creative team will come up with the perfect fit.

Getting personal

Speaking of messages, we can also include personalized messages from you to your customers, in your handwriting. Even if it says the same thing and took the same amount of time to write, a message in the sender’s handwriting just means so much more than a standard font. We can add your hand-written messages so that you get exactly this affect – without the RSI from signing hundreds of cards in a hurry!

Illustrate your point

The trend for illustrative design continues and, even if you haven’t used an illustrative design before, seasonal greetings cards are the perfect place to try this style. In fact, our own greeting card last year was an abstract illustration of the historic Royal Docks where our studio is based, along with illustrations of our team. You might go with hand-drawn picture of your snow-covered premises or perhaps something more abstract that represents your brand. Whatever you decide – our team of experienced creatives can help.

Have some fun

In addition to illustrative designs, we are noticing a trend for cartoons – either cartoon-style designs or moving cartoons in ecards, mailchimp, on social media and websites. For young or fun brands, cartoons can be a great way of connecting with your customers by making them laugh, or for more established ‘serious’ organisations, they can be a great way to show your lighter side.

It’s all in the delivery

Whether you are sending traditional cards through the post or seasons greetings via email, mailchimp or social media – we can help. Another trend that we have noticed, which continues the personalized theme, is digital greetings sent via Whatsapp. You don’t get much more personal than seasons greetings delivered straight to your phone! Whether you need branded envelopes or the right format for your preferred media, we can help you.

Don’t forget!

Use this opportunity to not only show your customers how much you value them but how much you want to reconnect with them next year. Whether it’s a new year discount that’s too good to refuse or simply an invitation to make contact so that you can help them.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of the range of ways that we can help you reach-out to your clients this year. We would love to provide you with more inspiration or hear your ideas – but hurry as we’re booking-up fast! Call our team today on 0208 590 0922 or email us at for experienced advice and competitive quotes.

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