October 14, 2021

Want to be more Bond? Come see us!

Want to be more Bond? Come see us!

As the release of No Time to Die has 007-obsession sweeping the nation, we jump on the bandwagon and write a tenuously linked blog about it. It’s worth reading for the entrance bit alone though – because you really can take a skylift across the Thames to our studios *pretends to fire a gun down a circle*…


Picture the scene

LONDON. 9AM. THE SKY IS GREY AND FOREBODING OVER THE ICONIC THAMES AS YOU, IN A SHARP SUIT AND ON A TOP-SECRET MISSION, GLIDE OVER IT ON THE EMIRATES AIR LINE / JET SKI INTO THE ROYAL DOCKS / GET OFF THE TUBE / PARK YOUR CAR (delete as appropriate). There are many ways to reach our Expressway studios but however you get here, we’ll be ready with coffee, ideas and gadgets galore.


Shaken not stirred

Could your branding use a little shake-up? One of the keys to Bond’s success is the way that it balances its iconic, classic formula with contemporary touches to appeal to modern audiences (with storylines, technology, M becoming female and rumours of a Bond from a different ethnic background soon). And with Bond, the devil is in the detail: a raised eyebrow here, a one-liner there. You don’t have to have a complete rebrand to shake things up – a simplified logo here, a colour change there, new typography for example can make a huge difference in retaining your visual identity while also bringing it up to date for a new generation of customers.


Your secret weapons

From deadly pens to X-ray specs, any James Bond wannabe knows it takes an entire arsenal of secret gadgets and weapons to succeed. You might be surprised by how much we can help you with. Of course we can create your branding, design and print but we can also create websites, landing pages and apps as well as large format print, signage and packaging – and more…



To be honest, we’re not sure 007 really needs a lot of the cool stuff they give him (invisible car, anyone?). But you just know he’s going to find a way to use it all. Who doesn’t like to get cool stuff? If you can print your logo on it, we can source it for you. From pens (not deadly ones although we guess it depends how you use them) to bowler hats and, yes, we’ve even been known to do the odd car. A perfect way to thank clients for their support this year (we’re thinking small corporate gifts, not cars necessarily although that would be very Bond).


Come and see your M!

Our name starts with ‘M’, we work in a secret (not true) underground (not true) lab (studio) right by the Thames (actually true) and we have all sorts of tricks up our lab coats (not accurate though can be arranged) to show you. Call us on 0208 590 0922 or email us at info@marcomedia.co.uk for a free quote if you’re ready to be more Bond!

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